Documents Similar To The Third World War Board Game [GDW] – – Harpoon – Battles of the Third World War. Uploaded by Star Smuggler Eh Rules game of the combined Third World War series of games published by GDW in The F is not used in the combined game per TWW rule 9j. my newest game aquisition, GDW’s classic “The Third World War: Battle The fluidity of the rules along with the wide array of options.

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ConsimWorld The official social platform for ConsimWorld. Louis Area Wargamers Discussions. I’m looking to host a player team game of the combined Third World War rues of games published by GDW in the mid’s. The game system is clean and easy to learn though not at all simplisticand the scope of the combined game reaches from above the Arctic Circle to the Persian Gulf, all at the divisional scale.

My plan is to have one NATO and one WP player for each of the series 4 games, although we could play it with fewer players if the Arctic and Persian Gulf flanks are commanded by the same player.

General HOuse Rules and Rules to look out for. | The Third World War | BoardGameGeek

From a unit management point of view, this would make each of the 6 commands roughly equal. We’d likely be playing the game for two consecutive Saturdays, all day gaming noon to pm. The game room is huge, and will be well stocked with food, beverages, music, thhird seating, and ready access to all the amenities. One main table for the European front awr another table for rles Persian Gulf. The following people participated in this game: The commands in the game are for NATO: Here are the NATO commands and the players who’ve expressed specific interest in them: I added that and reorganized the F rules to reflect the existence of the other F in the Persian Gulf.


You don’t really need to worry about printing a replacement copy. I’ll have a master copy ready. Would be interested in AF South.

We may have an “extra” player! No worries about that at all. I’m sure we’ll all have plenty to do to keep up busy, if we’re able to get up to speed on the rules. Don’t forget, I uploaded a consolidated combined game rulebook linked just a couple of posts above that has all the rules in force for our game.

The tables wzr have multiple copies of all the game charts printed out nice and big for easy reference during play. The scenario starts in the pre-war phase with tensions in the PG map working their way to total war. It’s amazing how quickly it all comes back to you.

GDW’s Third World War Series

For those who may not have played before, the sequence of play may look a bit confusing, but the game has a great flow to it and really isn’t difficult. It should be interesting to see how the alliances in the Gulf shape up, one of my favorite parts of this game.

Oh, btw Chris, great job on the rules pdf file! If you or anyone else, for that matter spot something that doesn’t quite jive, please let me know. I tried to stick with the RAW, but there are a couple of “house rules” that crept in such as using the Albania alignment markers and removing the F unit from the game and the B when the nuclear level gets closer. The F is not used in the combined game per TWW rule 9j.

Also, there are a couple of rules regarding the Med carrier based F SF rule 9j which also apply.

What about the Albanian alignment counters? There are the three activation chits combined rules pg. Do you have a revision regarding their use?


That’s fine, just need to know I have a special use in mind Check out Rule 25 for the special units you mentioned, and Albania is discussed under the Neutrals rules. I should add the text of the F invulnerability to runway cratering and the CAG withdrawal.

Hey Chris, maybe Johan and I are hallucinating or getting confused about another game, but both of us seem to remember a rule from TTW about the French reserves wor,d able to enter Germany until the Pact gets within so many hexes of the French border or somesuch nonsense.

We couldn’t find anything in the rules. Are we tripping or is gd something we can’t find? I’m not aware of this rule in TWW. Chris, Are you going to email out your address? Getting anxious for this to start!!!! Rulex here for Help. I confess a weakness for WW II tactical and operational games as…”. You should find groups on most of your…”. Philippe R is now a member of ConsimWorld 6 hours ago.

Magnus Kimura commented on Magnus Kimura’s group B B is moving forward. It is now flying into a development stage with Bob Best as the…”. Richard Savage joined Matt Severns’s group.

The Third World War, Designer Signature Edition – Pre-Orders

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