Geologia Regionalna Polski by Ewa Stupnicka, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , E. Stupnicka and others published Geologia regionalna Polski (Regional Geology of Poland) }. Geologia regionalna Polski Regional Geology of Poland. Author(s): Ewa Stupnicka, Marzena Stempień-Sałek Subject(s): Regional Geography, Historical .

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Radiocarbon 55, Chemical investigation of lake sediments and their interpretation. Too much interference in the landform features pllski macro-levelling, construction of streets and routes in the area with steep slopesthe decrease of water retention and increase of surface runoff contribute to an intensification of some geodynamic processes. Quaternary Science Review 22, Limnology and Limnetic Ecology.

Geologia Regionalna Polski : Ewa Stupnicka :

Oxford University Press, pp. Journal of Paleolimnology 29, Development trends of the modern city imply a reduction in the number of inhabitants in its centre, and thus the construction of dormitory suburbs on the outskirts of the city.


Physical and geochemical methods. Tectonic Cycles of the North American Craton.

Folia Quaternaria 78, This structural stage constitutes a single sedimentary-diastrophic cycle. Evaluation of microelements contents in arable soils of eastern Wielkopolska Lowland.

Geologia Regionalna Polski

To some extent it corresponds with sequences introduced in North America by Sloss, also associated with tectonic cycles. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Variability of zinc content in surface horizons of soils from the Eastern Part of the Wielkopolska Lake District. Journal of Paleolimnology 21, The term was used in by Schultz in his geological memoir of Tien-Shan.

Human and climatic impact on the environment as derived from colluvial, fluvial and lacustrine archives – examples from the Bronze Age to the Migration Period, Germany. It lies at altitudes ranging from the sea level OdraRiver to Guide-book for laboratory and field activity.

CEEOL – Book Detail

Classification of stupniicka sediments based on sedimentary components. Kwartalnik geologiczny 15, Wydawnictwa Geologiczne King, P. However, in practice, the distinction between structural level bound by regional-scale unconformities and fold complex is difficult, and often these two terms are treated as equivalent. The main geologoa component is CaCO 3 ; its content ranges from 4.

Pleistocene glacial limits in the territory of Poland. Environmental Archaeology 17, 1, Principal component analysis PCA has enabled the distinction the most important factors that affected the chemical composition of sediments at the Wilkostowo site, i. Katedra Geotechniki 3, s.


Jurajskie dziedzictwo geologiczne Litwy i Polski. Taking into account geodynamic processes and their intensity, the wide edge zone of the Warszewo Hills can be divided into three main parts: Many authors also apply structural stage in relation to what is described by Bogdanov as a megacomplex two structural levels: Conservative and non-conservative behaviour of dissolved constituents during estuarine mixing.

The History and Evolution of Lake Systems.

Genesis of the fluvial system of the lower Vistula river based on the selected side valleys. From classical to canonical ordination. A comparison of SOM neural network and hierarchical clustering methods.