Manual of Gorenje WA available to view on-line and download as PDF file Bedienungsanleitung Gorenje WA · Gorenje WA manual. Are you looking for the the instruction manual of the Gorenje WA? View the user manual of this product directly and completely free. On this page you find the Gorenje WA manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the you have any.

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Remove any leftover dried detergent from the bottom of the casing. If thefailure is reported again, call a service technician. Interferencesfrom the ambient for example electrical wiring could induce signalization of different faults. Alle Gorenje Waschmaschinen werden vor derMarkteinfhrung intensiv getestet und entsprechen allen Mastben fr ein optimales Waschen mit hoher Qualitt. Waschmittel wirdimmer nach der Beladungsmenge und der Verschmutzung der Wsche dosiert.

In der Einsplschale imWeichsplerfach Waschmittelschublade steht Wasser? Bedienungaanleitung any transport block the machine byinserting at least one transport blocking rod.

Bei meiner Waschmaschine hat dieses Teil defekte Plastikhalterungenund der dazu gehrende Flusenfilter ist verschwunden. Die aus der mittleren Kammer herausflieende Wassersule Gemisch aus zuflieendem Wasser undWeichspler reit auf Grund von vernderten Druckverhltnissen ab.

Drehe bedienugsanleitung Filtereinsatz vorsichtig entgegen Uhrzeigersinn und lasse das Wasser langsamablaufen. Pumping thewater out Use it when the washing program was interrupted and you only wish to pump the water out of the drum,without spinning.

Water outlet connection Fix the outlet hose to the wall drain outlet diameter min. Tighten the inlet pipe. This is normal, the machine willreduce the RPM if vibrations are too strong. Meine Waschmaschine macht seit einem Tagkomische sehr laute und kranke Gerusche.


Ifnecessary, clean the detergent dispenser. Vorab vielen Dank fr Tipps. Keine passende Antwort gefunden? Lassen Sie nach Gebrauch Waschmittelschublade und Bullauge leicht geffnet.

In case you would like to alterthe washing program after the initiated washing beedienungsanleitung, turn the program selector for one second to hedienungsanleitung position0, followed by the selection of a new program. A necessary precondition for this is the unmistakable, legible character of an instruction. If the failure is reported again, call a service technician. When you close the door, the machine initiates the selected program.

For washing heavily stained laundry. Repairing the failure arising from inappropriate connections or use of the appliance is notcovered by the guarantee, and the repair expenses are paid by the customer. Warumist die Wsche bedienungsanleiutng nach dem Waschen noch schmutzig?

Vibrations, moving of the appliance and loud operation due to bedienungsanlfitung setting of theadjustable feet shall not be covered by this warranty.

Go to page of Go. Insert the gasket with a filternet into the straight inlet hose attachment nut 2 and screw the nut onto the water tap. Warum ist die Wsche nach dem Waschgangzerknittert? Frequent use of low-temperature bedienuhgsanleitung in combination with liquid detergents canlead to development of germs which cause odor in the washing machine. Kennt jemand das problem? No failure is reported. Affix the outlet pipe tothe drain.

If you use powderdetergent the gate is lifted up, and in case of liquid detergent it is slid down. Bei der Einsplfunktion des Weichsplers wird einphysikalisches Gesetz die Kapillarwirkung- genutzt. Lately animated manuals and instructional videos are quite popular among customers. Pay attention to thelabels on the clothes, indicating the recommending washing mode see table of textile treatment symbols on the lastpage of these instructions. Sielassen sich leicht, mit mildem Essigwasser, behandeln.


You used liquid detergent or detergent for colored laundrywhich does not contain whitener. When connecting your washingmachine to water supply, be sure to use brand new water inlet hose and appropriate sealing gaskets attached. If the fault repeats, call authorized service shop.

Gorenje WA manuals

The appliance is fitted with aself-cleaning pump which requires no cleaning during the period of normal use. Washing time is longer than usual.

bedienhngsanleitung Be sure to removethe transport brackets prior first use, otherwise the appliance may be permanently damaged. Open the filter lid using flat screwdriver or similartool. Door is not properly closed. If you do not apply the program which includes the pre-wash feature, you may add washingdetergent directly into the drum.

In some cases youmay attempt removing certain failures yourself, so count the number of flashes, repeating after certain pauses.

Gorenje WA50100 manual

Heater failure In thesecases, turn off the machine, then turn it back on and repeat the program. Especially gentle program for washing wool and garments made from mixture of other fabrics withwool, appropriately marked for machine washing. If certain function is not available for the selected program, signalLED will not illuminate. Repairing the failure arising from inappropriate connections or use of the appliance is not covered by theguarantee. The samerecommendation applies to minors using the appliance.