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Wallace-Tree-Multiplizierer – Wikipedia

Each consecutive sub-matrix that is fed into a subsequent stage of the Hauptaddierermatrix, has a compressor more than the previous subarray. Different cells have different numbers of crossing tracks so that the lines pass through, depending on their position in the line of cells, with the later cells usually require more tracks. Each successive level reduces in half the number of partial sums, so that the number of levels required and hence the propagation delay is on the order of log Nwhere N is the number of partial products to be summed.

Die beiden Matrix-Schaltungsgruppen 7 und 8 sind gleich aufgebaut. The present invention relates to electrical digital circuits for performing binary multiplication by cross-product sum, ie parallel multipliers, and in particular relates to the architecture of such a multiplication circuit arrangement of adders for summing the partial products.

The architecture of the present invention may also be scaled by increasing the number of main array stages and corresponding subarrays. Der verwendete Algorithmus ist ein unkompliziertes Verfahren mit einer Summe von Kreuzprodukten. The arrangement is very regular and only a few different types of cells are required, which are repeated throughout the structure, whereby the design is simplified.

The coding for the sum output S is unique. Functional dividable multiplier array circuit for multiplication of full words or simultaneous volladdiered of two half words. CSA4where for proper balance, the successive fast Dreioperandenmatrizes that form habaddierer which are fed into the Hauptstufenaddierer, increase in size by a compressor circuit per subarray.


Matrix multiplier according to claim 1, characterized in that the third circuit group 4 is arranged between the first 8 and the second circuit group 7.

DET2 – Architecture of a fast regular multiplier – Google Patents

Circuit de multiplication selon la revendication 1, dans lequel au moins l’un desdits circuits compresseurs comprend: Each successive subarray feeding into a successive stage of the main adder array has one additional compressor than the previous subarray. Multiplikationsschaltung nach Anspruch halbasdierer, wobei mindestens eine der Komprimierungsschaltungen umfasst: Accordingly, when the compressor circuits of Figs.

In subsequent columns, for example, special signals in the second and third line of the multiplication circuit is input.

Die grundlegende Operation ist Volalddierer Wenn der Volladdierer das letzte Element der Untermatrix vor dem Einspeisen in die Hauptmatrix ist, dann kann die erste Komprimiererschaltung vom symmetrischen Typ sein. Diese Konstruktionen sind in These constructions are in 12 12 bzw.

Moreover, modified tree architectures and hybrid tree-array architectures have allowed developers to improve regularity and reduce the circuit area to a certain extent without sacrificing too much speed. Digital signal processor using mixed compression two stage flow multiplicaton addition unit. Although the Multipliziererarchitektur from Hekstra type compared to Wallace and other tree architectures is very regular and is almost galbaddierer compact as a conventional array multiplier and also much faster than a matrix multiplier, it is still slightly slower than the Baummultipliziererarchitekturen.

Method for dividing any-length operands respectively normalized at the beginning for data processing equipment and digital divider for carrying out the method. Adaptive threshold controlled decision circuit immune to ringing components of digital signals.


Merkblatt: Logische Schaltungen

US-A- 5 Die kleinen rechteckigen Elemente mit diagonaler Schraffierung beziehen sich auf die Produkttermgeneratoren. The multiplication circuit of claim 1, wherein at least one of said compressor circuits comprises: Die Struktur ist eine Verbindung von schnellen Dreioperandenmatrizes. As for the aforementioned Hekstra architecture, that multiplier happens to be delay balanced only because of an appropriate selection of subarray sizes.

Stacking arrangement for rectangular and oblong flooring panels in packets has packages of first group and packages of second group which are arranged in vertical direction and horizontal direction. With this careful construction, spurious transactions can be minimized. In In 9 9 und and 10 10 ist die Komprimiererlogik: Alle Produktterme sind nachstehend in All product terms are referred to in 7 7 detailliert dargestellt.

The structure is a connection of carry save arrays. Note the subtraction in the most significant bit position. A further advantage is that, so that only two signal tracks need be provided in the arrangement, apart from the connections between its main array stages, all connections are local, no matter how large it is scaled. The multiplication circuit of claim 11 wherein said four-to-two compression adder circuits C in said main adder array MS n and any four-to-two compression adder circuits C in a first stage of any chain of subarray adders are symmetric four-to-two compression adder circuits C in which four inputs to said four-to-two compression adder circuit C propagate essentially equal in speed to sum and carry outputs of said four-to-two compression adder circuit C.