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Extensive painted ornament also covers the church’s elaborate architectural sculpture, echoing the aesthetics found at San Vitale in Ravenna and the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. This volume reproduces the cleaned paintings. A reissue of a successful book first published in”The Image of Christ” is an essential volume for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of European art, in which Christian subjects have featured so prominently.

As an ensemble, they created a radiant interpretive backdrop that explicated and situated the performance of the Mass in this giant liturgical theater. The vibrant and complex life of the eastern Mediterranean during a time of reinvention and renewal is the subject of the exhibition Transition to Christianity and this accompanying catalogue, which explore a period of extraordinary creativity and reveal new and largely unknown aspects of the Greek world of Late Antiquity.

B o e k h a n d e l

Ontwerp en uitvoering van de West-Europese gotische kathedralen waren hierdoor nauw verbonden met getallensymboliek van het pythagorisme. Much has been written about shamanism in both scholarly and popular literature, but few authors have linked it to another significant visual realm: Home to an extraordinary collection of treasured masterworks, including the famed Unicorn Tapestries, The Cloisters is devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe.

Het silhouet van Amsterdam verandert door de bouw van het Rijksmuseum en het Centraal Station. In Willem van Genk. Nico van der Endt is sinds eigenaar van Galerie Hamer in Amsterdam, gespecialiseerd in naieve kunst, Art Brut en outsiderkunst.


They engage the viewer in many ways that are perhaps best described as persuasive or ‘rhetorical’, and Hahn uses literary terminology – sign, metaphor, and simile – to discuss their operation. The book also clarifies and focuses on the work of his two most important pupils, Gianfrancesco Penni and Giulio Romano. De 15de eeuw was het hoogtepunt van de Vlaamse miniatuurkunst.

Sometimes shockingly graphic in their depiction of Christ’s sufferings, or beautifully clothed, as if brought to life, these were objects of divine inspiration to the faithful, whether on altars, or processed through the streets on holy days.

Dankzij die afdeklagen waren ze ook goed tot redelijk goed behouden gebleven en afleesbaar na blootlegging. Drawing on three major museum holdings as well as featuring iconic pieces from other international public and private collections, this richly illustrated book looks at the phenomenon of holy relics in the Middle Ages.

The reader is transported eruk in history, gaining fascinating insight into what the glazing of Beauvais actually would have looked like as well as what it would have communicated to those who frequented the cathedral.

The author analyses the tools and inks used, Villard’s drawing technique and style, and evaluates Villard as an artist-draftsman. This remarkable book is the first volume in what will be the definitive modern biography of Michelangelo.

Zo ontstonden echte meesterwerken waarvan de artistieke kwaliteit amper haar gelijke vindt. But the story has remained alive for adults, allowing it to lead a rich subterranean existence in novels ranging from “Jane Eyre” to “Lolita” and in films as diverse as Hitchcock’s “Notorious” and Jane Campion’s “The Piano”.

This lovely book pairs full-color reproductions of some of Rembrandt’s most powerful religious paintings with finely crafted poems reflecting on them, prompting readers in turn to ponder the spiritual themes behind the Dutch master’s famous artworks.

Een schitterend overzicht van een van Nederlands’ grootste schilders. Men kent Goethe vooral e6 liefhebber van de klassieke oudheid en de Italiaanse Renaissance. Ruim drie eeuwen waren ze aan het oog onttrokken geweest.


Onderzoek naar de lokale en bovenlokale beinvloeding van de bouwstijl van de kerk laat zien welke plaats de Sint-Janskerk in architectonisch opzicht voor onder de Hollandse stadskerken.

The stories these mosaics tell unfold in this brief, richly informed book by a pre-eminent scholar of the classical world. Anders dan veelal wordt gedacht, is hun inrichting vaak niet bepaald sober. Opvallend veel hedendaagse kunst vindt een tijdelijke of een permanente tpegankelijkheid in de kerkelijke ruimte.

De titels van de werken verraden zijn Friese afkomst.

Boekhandel Kirchner

The featured lamps date from the Renaissance to our own time, and were created from a wide variety of materials in virtually every part of the world, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. In dit zeer persoonlijke boek maakt Van Os voelbaar hoe ingrijpend kunst kan zijn, en hoe veelomvattend. Silver analyze Chagall’s complex iconography and phantasmagorical style, tracing his Jewish, Christian, autobiographical, French, and Russian sources.

De artikelen werden geschreven door nationale en internationale specialisten op dit gebied. De bekende auteurs Cees Dekker nanowetenschapper en Reinier Sonneveld theoloog hebben gezocht naar de beste schrijvers en kunstenaars van christelijk Nederland en hun gevraagd Wat geloof je nu eigenlijk?

The observance of Hanukkah as a time of freedom and miracles resonates strongly with Jews today as in centuries past, and the Hanukkah lamp is central to the celebratory ritual. Chagall’s paintings from this time express the horror of the Holocaust as well as hope for the survival of his people and belief in the ultimate triumph of love.