You aren’t the same as you were when you were a baby. Everyone grows and changes, but how do people develop? Watch this lesson to find. Havighurst’s Developmental. Tasks, Young Adolescents, and Diversity. M. LEE MANNING. The middle school years can be difficult for young adolescents as. The term “developmental-task” was introduced by Robert Havighurst in the ‘s. Since the ‘s the concept of developmental-tasks has become an.

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They should also be included in daily planning processes. Relating to one’s spouse as a person 6. With regard to verbal self-representation — taking about yourself – there are two types of analysis, two research directions: Developing acceptable attitudes toward society 1. Learning sex differences and tasjs modesty 4. Assuming civic responsibility 1. The developmental-tasks during the first evolution period. Achieving adult civic and social responsibility 2.

Havighurst`s Developmental Task Theory

You just have to wait like Christine does. Developing adult leisure-time activities 5. In this haivghurst, the interaction between mother and child makes sense. It can also originate in the pedagogical environments in which they have been growing up.


Havighurst`s Developmental Task Theory

Adjusting to decreasing strength and health 2. Managing a home 7.

In contrast to the medical or psychiatric diagnostic approach, our approach differs in that the diagnosis is not followed by a specific treatment. Altogether we diagnosed 90 developmental-tasks. Learning sex differences and sexual modesty 6. Within these five categories we could locate more than 90 developmental-tasks across case studies. What do they have to learn in order to develop themselves? Developmental Tasks of Infancy and Early Childhood: Adjusting to death of a spouse 4.

Learning to control the elimination of body wastes 5. Finding a congenial social group Developmental Tasks of Middle Age 1.

Achieving personal independence Early Adulthood Adolescence 8. They have to learn to give more contours to their inner and outer body concept – this means to better recognise their limits of physical stress, strength and weakness.

In the concept physical and psychical maturation processes as well as socially influenced development and education are being taken into consideration. The hermetneutic paradigm is relatively old: The fact that social responsibility or socialisation requires a certain range of social abilities can be proved by reliable empirical means.


We would then – or at the latest when the boy starts with school – have a social-pedagogical problem. In a second step, the aim is to find out the developmental-tasks which present particular difficulty.

Families which cannot adapt to processes of social change and modernisation. Learning to live with a marriage partner 4. First of all, what does research and typification of developmental-tasks mean?

Taking on civic responsibility 9. Establishing and maintaining an economic standard of living 3. Referring to the category interaction strategies young people have to learn to use language as a medium for negotiations. Student Workbook Tying it all Together.

In this context we talk about problems of fringe groups and social marginalisation.