Hikvision® Network Digital Video Recorder User’s Manual. This manual Before connecting and operating your DVR, please be advised of the following tips. User Manual of DS//SH Series DVR. 1. Hikvision® Network Digital Video Recorder User’s Manual . 4/8/ch synchronous playback. Backup. User Manual of DSST Series DVR. 1. Hikvision® Network Digital Video Recorder User’s Manual. This manual, as well as the .. Channel Zero Encoding .

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Independent configuration for each channel, including resolution, frame rate, bitrate, image User Manual of Digital Video Recorder.

Then use the provided screws to fixate the hard disks on the tray both left and right sides. Motion setup menu will appear on monitor. By this Application you can hide your personal Data in your Phone. Port can be input by OSD keyboard. All specifications are therefore subject to change. One Admin and four general User accounts are available. During installation, select the Full installation iser to automatically install the network components required for the IE and Firefox browsers.

Log into your portal, and locate the new license key. Please use this user manual under the guidance of professionals. Instruction for IE network monitor This system features a built-in browser-based software that allows you to access your system remotely over your local area network LAN or over the Internet WAN using.

Table of Contents 1. Via Don Arrigoni, 5 Rovetta S. All specifications are therefore subject to change More information. Use the same procedure to set the recording modes for each time interval. Make the setting based on actual bandwidth of the network the higher the resolution or the more the photos, the more the bandwidth you need. The image shown above may differ from the actual product appearance.


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Further clicks cycles through the channels. If EVENT mode is set, the channel would start recording while object movement is detected or sensor in is triggered. Network setup menu will appear on monitor. A log-in screen will appear. Jog and Shuttle Jog and shuttle enable user to operate DVR easier in handling such as fast forward, fast reverse playback and one frame movement in filstype picture.

Select the photos to be backed up and press Backup button to back them up; as graphically demonstrated in the picture below: User s Manual 3. The two streams are generated by the DVR, with the main.

The selected button can be executed by pressing Enter button. Uses the Uesr service of a third party. Click on this button with the mouse cursor to select the audio channel. For additional information More information. Once finished, this will allow live video to be monitored in real-time over the network through your browser. For more detailed information. Downloads here Wierd files and so on. Please read it carefully for the better use of the product. The information in this manual was current when published.

Hcannel there is any question or request, please do not hesitate to contact dealer. This allows the videos to be played locally using the bundled DVR Player. Click on this button with the mouse cursor and the Live display will change to the 8-split mode. Remote PC viewer software via network enables you to access live viewing and other available functions. Press the “Browse” button to select the firmware file Ex: If OFF is set, the key tone would be mute while pressing the buttons on front panel.


Lorenzo Bergamo More information.

When it is ON, the network will add an Setting option for user making settings. This user manual is an operation More information. After the firmware updating is successful, a prompt window will jump out stating that the certification work is successful. Start display at page:. Subnet Mask can be input by OSD keyboard. O1 5 Relay Output N. Allows the saving of user preferences. cjannel

8CH/16CH H.264 Standalone DVR ADR-7608P/7616D. User Manual Version 1.0

Central Monitoring System Software 1. It can keep an More information. Enter your username and password.

Follow the following steps to upgrade the network firmware: Once you remove the cover on top of the DVR, unscrew the screws of the hard drive tray 2 on each sideand unplug the corresponding power cable and data cable as shown in the figure below.

Provides a list of event recordings userr user select to playback or backup.