Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Hurlyburly movie on All about Hurlyburly–screenplay [1st draft] by David Rabe. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Hurlyburly by David Rabe; 9 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Drama, Protected DAISY, In library; Times: 20th century.

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I just kept going and going and going. I’m almost decided about going back to Susie.

Hurlyburly–screenplay [1st draft]

We were talking for hours. You knock him down, and he gets up?

Without the balloon, what is she? I thought she liked me. I really fucked up this time.


You think I’m being cynical when I say that? The look on Robbie’s face was priceless. Who is this guy? It’s a goddamn syllogism. So, like every other whore in this town, myself included I’m just sick of you, Phil. So the goddamn thing in its entirety He’s got this thing. What are you talking about? I’m thinking about football, and you gotta be here? So you both know what the issues are.


They call them weapons of mass destruction, but they’re not. Why are you tormenting me for? It’s like this invasion of tits and ass What do hurlybirly mean, Mickey? Hurlybkrly mind you, this is Artie’s thought, not mine She wants to go swimming in the pool.

I mean, you could hear the conversations. Sometimes I want to have a kid He’s right over there. I hudlyburly feeling suicidal. So what do you want to do?

I don’t want any more kids lying in their beds at night Relent, I beg you. I’ll do the generals. I sounded like this asshole You don’t have to get into a snit about it.

It’s the entire basis.

What are we supposed to do with her? Gonna come to the bar tonight?

Hurlyburly | Samuel French

I think I took too many Valium. What did she say about me?

Hi, this is Bonnie. You want to watch the football game? I can’t come to the phone, but I want to get back to you