IEC +A+A(E). Edition consolidated with amendments and This English-language version is derived from the. This standard applies to all high-voltage switchgear and controlgear except as otherwise specified in the relevant IEC standards for the particular type of. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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The withstand voltage values “across the isolating distance” are valid only for the switching devices where the clearance between open contacts is designed to meet the safety requirements specified for disconnectors.

Point 1 According to its function, the same part may belong to several categories as listed in table 3. In the dielectric testing of switchgear and controlgear incorporating vacuum switching devices, precautions should be taken to ensure that the level of possible emitted X-radiation is within safe limits. It bears the edition number 2. When tests are performed at 60 Hz they should be considered valid for the same current rating with 50 Hz rated frequency. The diameter of the clamping screw or bolt shall be at least 12 mm.

Therefore the initial values for tin-coated parts are kept. Suitable means shall be provided for the uec of external wiring, for example terminal 60649, plug-in terminations, etc.

It is expressed in percentage per year or per day 3. National safety codes may influence the safety measures established. Point 12 Classes of insulating materials are those given in IEC 606994 NOTE These discharges may have been generated by accumulation of discharge probability with the increased number of voltage applications or by reflected voltage after a disruptive discharge at a remote location within the equipment.


Switching devices, the incorrect operation of which can cause damage or which are used for assuring isolating distances, shall be provided with locking facilities 6094 specified to the manufacturer for example, provision of padlocks. Iwc a component is of the plug-in type, an identifying mark should be placed on the component and on the fixed part where the component plugs in.

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Equipment tested at one height above ground surface lec will be deemed to be satisfactory if mounted at a greater height above ground surface level when in service. Customer Service Centre If you have any questions regarding this publication or need further assistance, please contact the Customer Service Centre: Special attention should be given to resistors.

In such a case, the test should be repeated with a higher current, as close as possible to the rated normal current. For switchgear and controlgear having external and internal insulation, the ief factor K t shall be applied if its value is between 0,95 and 1, The test voltage shall be 2 kV with a duration of 1 min. For switchgear and controlgear, particularly large switchgear and controlgear for which the insulation to earth has 60649 significant influence on temperature rises, this insulation may be appreciably reduced.

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The resistance of the closed class 1 and class 2 auxiliary contacts shall not exceed 50? AC semiconductor motor controllers and starters IEC If only the protection against access to hazardous parts is requested or if it is higher than that indicated by the first characteristic numeral, an additional letter may 06694 used as in table 6.

The possible 600694 between sub-assemblies having different pressures are also to be taken into account. The manufacturer shall provide a statement to the testing laboratory of those parts that may be renewed during the tests. The manufacturer shall maintain detailed design records of all component parts of the switchgear and controlgear tested and shall ensure that these may be identified from information included in the drawings and data schedules.


In this case the permissible maximum values of temperature and temperature rise to be considered are the lowest among the relevant categories. When the switchgear and controlgear, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, may be installed in different positions, the temperature-rise tests shall be made in the most unfavourable position.

Each drawing or data schedule shall be uniquely referenced and shall contain a statement to the effect that the manufacturer guarantees that the drawings or data schedules truly represent the switchgear and controlgear to be tested. For outdoor switchgear and controlgear, the nameplates and their fixings shall be weatherproof and corrosion-proof.

After completion of verification, detail drawings and other data shall be returned to the manufacturer for storage. For indoor installation, the proposed impact level is 2 J. Examples of types of standardized fuses IEC Refer to instrument transformer standards for adequate performances of these devices.

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Means shall be provided to enable gas systems to be safely replenished whilst the equipment is in service. The minimum ambient air temperature is? NOTE 1 Due to the absence of oxygen, a harmonization of the limits of temperature for different contact and connection parts in the case of SF 6 switchgear appears appropriate. If the creepage distances do not comply with the requirements of 5.