Introduction to Phenomenology has ratings and 35 reviews. Foad said: يك روز خوب با ادموند هوسرلدر كنار ادموند هوسرل روى جدول خيابان نشسته اى و توپ. Robert Sokolowski. Catholic University of America. Abstract. This book presents the major philosophical doctrines of phenomenology in a clear, lively style with. Introduction to Phenomenology by Robert Sokolowski (review). Richard Cobb- Stevens. The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review, Volume 66, Number 1.

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The appendix on the history of phenomenology is one of authors and schools and how they relate to each other theoretically and personal contact. Regardless of that statement’s veracity both traditions seem equally addicted to eminent namesnewcomers to phenomenology, or even to the Continental tradition altogether, will find the fibers of this book almost unsullied by proper names.

Introduction to Phenomenology

In addition, towards the end, Sokolowski engages in a rather bizarre series of assertions because he presents no evidence or argument for any of his points, going totally against much of what he says in the book about the nature of modern politics, citizenship, his preference for republicanism, and how phenomenology is phenomenolohy related to all that.

An Introduction to the Phenomenological Study of Sport. Sign in to use this feature.

I struggle a bit with books about Philosophy. Intrkduction Limited preview – Augmented Reality and Ubiquitous Computing: For many chapters we have created a crystal map to help guide our students to understand the potential of phenomenology for scholarly inquiry. In the Spirit of Hegel: Books about schools of thought that cloak original words instead of shed light on them only take you so far. It’s not to say that I didn’t find it interesting, I just struggled to simplify the information for my brain to understand it on the ;henomenology terms it imposes on me.


Making Sense of Factor Analysis: This approach runs in contrast to what introducton introductions to phenomenology would use, which utilize much more textual analysis e. Interestingly enough world time is dependent on subjective time as the subjective experience of it is given metaphysical priority.

Introduction to Phenomenology – Robert Sokolowski – Google Books

As Emerson wrote in his essay, ‘Experience,’ ‘we have learned that we do not see directly, but mediately, and that we have introducrion means of correcting these colored and distorting lenses which we are Following this, the discussion explodes into phenomenology’s three crucial structures: I sooklowski that I have wasted my time focusing on this book in particular–in terms of reading it all the way through.

He goes on to say it is not easy to make this distinction – I am sure it isn’t, when meaning and truth are conflated and an heroic quest for pure perception is undertaken. In addition to providing a new interpretation of the correspondence theory of truth, the author also explains how phenomenology differs from both modern and postmodern forms of thinking. It also studies personal identity as established through time and discusses the nature of philosophy.

Modern philosophers interpreted the mind as an inner space set off from the rest of nature, a “cabinet” Locke’s metaphor filled with impressions and concepts.

An excellent introduction that, rather than giving an introduction to phenomenologists which can be useful, no doubtgives an introduction to phenomenology, concept by concept, and in very clear language that does not really presuppose much philosophical background. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


Introduction to Phenomenology by Robert Sokolowski

It also studies personal identity as established through time and discusses the nature of philosophy. It’s starts off explaining how every act of consciousness is directed towards an object, and then disects If this is the easiest and clearest introduction to Phenomenology I’m glad I didn’t opt for any of the others.

Sep 08, Rebecca rated it liked it.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Commenting on the first of these themes, Sokolowski observes that many readers of Husserl are initially skeptical of his claim that we truly know what is absent, We are so accustomed to thinking of cognition in terms of the modern metaphor for mind that we feel obliged to require something present, such as an image or a concept, as the immediate target of our signitive intentions of absent things.

This idea gets emphasized and reemphasized throughout the book.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Sokolowski illustrates Husserl’s account of how presence and absence function in manifold ways by developing several instructive examples: The implications of this get discussed in great detail. Phenomenological study should be more than exegetical analysis of phenomenologists’s writings.

Sokolowski repeatedly suggests phenomenoloyg phenomenology, contrary to popular thought, does have something to say in matters political- this was unconvincing.