David Flusser on the Historical Jesus. David Flusser, Jesus, in collaboration with R. Steven Notley, Jerusalem: The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University The present work is based upon Flusser’s edition of Jesus. Yet, with the passage of 30 years, the new volume has been essentially rewritten to incorporate. David Flusser’s biography of the life of Jesus is the fruit of more than fifty years of persona1 research concerning what may be considered the most well-known.

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Yet, with the passage of 30 years, the new volume has been essentially rewritten to incorporate the wealth of new data.

He readily admits that he, an observant Jew, personally identifies himself with the worldview of Jesus, both moral and political: No better way to discover the Jewishness of Jesus and possible links to Qumran than to read this book. David Flusser’s Jesusa work by an accomplished Jewish scholar which throws a good deal of light on the historical figure in his Jewish context.


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David Flusser – Wikipedia

For details press flsser. Click to enlarge cover Image. Jesus By David Flusser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Reviews Sample pages Online book. Check your browser Flash settings — click here for more details. This is not a printed book.

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Judaism and the Origins of Christianity. History of the Church. Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea. Kabbalah, Mysticism and Poetry. Studies in the History of Religion. Studies in the History of Jewish Thought. Medieval Jews and the Christian Past.


David Flusser

Earthly Love — Divine Love. Evidence of Francophony In Mediaeval Levant.

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