( × pixels, file size: 41 KB, MIME type: segreti del corpo umano secondo il mistico tedesco Johann Georg Gichtel. Johann Georg Gichtel is the author of Theosophia Practica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Theosophia practica ( avg rating, 1. Johann Georg Gichtel, (born May 4/14, , Imperial Free City of He synthesized his teaching in Theosophia Practica (–22; “Practical Theosophy ”).

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The new body is as different from the old as the resplendent sun from the dark earth; and though it is held in the old body, it is inconceivable, though sometimes sensible. Christian Initiation Into Three Worlds. Moreover the Spirit of God goes forth with the soul into the most external nature, and shows him, forward and backward, the generation of the One, as the majesty of the Ternary, through the Seven Forms; and the soul feels a much greater joy in this science than in all the treasures of the world.

And having opened it, the words of Paul 1 Corinthians 6: It is Satan, the ancient serpent, in the heart of our first parents, and that accordingly our adorable Savior, who is our spirit and life, calls the priest of falsehood John 8: If not, it is better for him to abstain, and to limit himself to helping by his money the soldiers of God whom he will meet; in this way, he will also receive his reward.

The others are, for the most part, the lost dead, having changed the truth into a lie, and having fallen miserably away; there would be much to tell about it if it could be useful to the reader.

In this World of Fire is the Cherubim with his double-edged sword; He keeps the path of the inner tree of life, and it is necessary that we fight him in this life or the other, and that we experience the strength of his arm, for at the end of our life are Moses with his severe laws and the devil with the record of our sins, which must prevent men from not delaying their penance until the end.

Johann Georg Gichtel

When it wants to devour, conserve and annihilate all that surrounds it, it is evil; it burns as long as it finds MATERIAL to nourish it; when it is extinct all that remains is black coal, ashes, and dust. Thus the poor will be able to go practtica worry and to serious spiritual service of God and prayer, and to bring benedictions on the head of the charitable donors.

Gichtel’s correspondence was published without his knowledge by Gottfried Arnold, a disciple, in 2 vols. The like loves the like, it is said; and as it is natural, it is not surprising that Christ loves those who are like him.

Because man is, for now, his own craftsman; he can place his desires in himself, as selfhood, or in the unity of God according to equanimity; and is accepted by Anger or by Love. But if man, who is still in charge of the bonds of flesh and blood, does not want to pass the Fire of Anguish of divine Wrath and allow it to consume his egoism, he will have to undergo the test after his earthly life; and it will no longer be so sweet. The first consists of this: He despises what men possess according to the world, since his treasure is in the will of practtica, with God and all the holy Angels.


It exhausts all the ammunition of the soul, gives it poverty, anguish, grief and sorrow, so that it can no longer find joy, nor rest in the external life of geogr, it becomes sad and grieves over the fatigues of earthly life and the variety of things, and begins to think of the house of its Father.

Thus, we see and understand that, in such a separation, each distinct Will is introduced into its own form, and that the combat of the wills for form consists in the fact that, in the distribution, no form is like the other, although they all come from the same substance. If all geog walked in the footsteps of Christ and followed him uniformly, the world could no longer stand, because there would be no more food.

Its action, its movement, is the Holy Spirit, the producer of celestial joy; for it gives to the Fire of the soul the fresh water of eternal Life to refresh and make Anguish a Jubilation. It would be much better if you tried to make them pious. The self will first pierces in youth, and introduces its animal life into the marvels of the stars and elements; it lives according to their impulses, in the good and the evil of the pagan essence; it is a pure devil, Satan and dragon of enmity which resists God in its acts and all its conduct.

For what the temperament assimilates, burns in the temperament, whether it be a terrestrial or celestial aspect; and exhales an analogous spirit, in word and deed. Until God mercifully appeared to me inwardly, face to face and opened his heaven in me, and I speak with my soul, mouth to mouth, according to the ENS and the MENSI rejoice extremely and I ignite love for my adorable Jesus, to whom I bind myself in body, soul and spirit, no longer wanting to leave him or to faint thoesophia suffering or affliction, and having the firm confidence that he would never let me leave him.

The enemy of men has thrown his tares theosopnia under the good grain that grows till the harvest, God collects the harvest when in season, while tying the tares in bundles and throwing them into the fire. Information from its description page there is shown below. And as the divine will sees nothing, neither of Nature nor of the creature, it contains neither pain, nor suffering, nor contrariety; the understanding and the knowledge result from the pronunciation of the Word.

I must use natural similarities. Keep Exploring Britannica Jesus.

Then the beginning will of Nature which is introduced in a state of selfishness and propriety; from which is born the dissimilarity of the wills in each of which a CONTRARY is shown. The enlightened and experienced reader does not need our writing; for he possesses in him his instructor and his conductor; and it is not for him that we write.

This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus years or less. But God wisely foiled it.

Christ and his teachings are in no way the cause that the rich become poor, that food is lacking, and that the world is shaken; it is you, blind reason, which is the sole cause of evil, by inverting the clear precepts of the lessons of Christ to strengthen personal desires. I feel very well the diabolical adversity in my creaturely ego; it willingly hides in the man and does not like to be stifled; but I let the One who reigns act. Contents Biography Works References Biography Gichtel was born at Regensburg, where his father was a member of senate.

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If God calls him by His regenerated children and disciples, to penance and conversion, if the presence of the Lord is announced to him, he excuses himself as having received another mission for which God will perform wonders. For whoever puts his hand to the plow and quits, is incapable of the kingdom of God.

We rejoice in the great goodness of God, because our hearts take the good and send back the praises of God. The reader will be grateful to us for having followed the FIGURES with some words of explanation; we did it because the Spirit of God was revealed and dictated to us the necessary words.

This is why he wants only to show, as an introduction, what the image of God first created before the fall, something which the author, in a practical manner, recognized occultly in the mind, and which he develops in the figures of the perfect man. So let man go far away and turn his courage towards God. Imagine this in a living way in your soul; you will understand with all the more ease the following figures of our Author, for comprehension is internal.

For this reason, let us keep humility, because the gifts of God are diverse.

Theosophia Practica by Gitchel

It would go through a mouse hole, even it must tear off skin and hair. For the soul is clothed with the presence of Christ, anointed with the Holy Spirit, baptized by the fire of Divine Love, like Melchizedek, priest of the Very High.

This expulsion from the house of Egyptian slavery is only the first step in the desert of the test for the unbelieving reason, which is not satisfied with the poverty of Christ; it is ashamed of begging, and regrets the meat, garlic, and onions mohann Egypt; then the Devil awakens incredulity, mistrust and doubt. Accordingly, the researcher will not confine his STUDIES to reading and written science; He will also think of beginning his journey, and beside the assiduous prayer, he will hate earthly life, seek the interior, as I goerg done; He will recognize in this practtica that the lessons and teachings come from God.

Gitchel’s Theosophia Practica Fully Translated by Ramon Light

If this GLOBE was lit by the fire of divine Love, and it produced a clear light in the deepest part of the heart, the old serpent, Satan, would be precipitated into the darkness. The soul leaves humility and equanimity and then returns to self-love, thinking that it is its own Fire that can work and produce these miracles, and not the igneous MAGIC and its own prayer: The members of the body, he says, are not a single whole, they are capable of a multitude of movements, and each performs its particular function.

They should have been kept secret for a long time, if Love did not care, and to please fans, had not at last given us the permission and urged to entrust them to printing. For in the prison between Time and Eternity there is no anguish, neither darkness nor light, but a twilight.