Johannes Nefastos: ARGARIZIM – The Fall of Lucifer (47 €). ARGARIZIM continues studies where Fosforos left off; disclosing a deeper understanding of the. Johannes Nefastos. IXAXAAR, I also have rare Occult Art prints released by Ixaxaar, and Three Hands Press, including Daniel Schulke’s “The. Johannes Nefastos, author of Fosforos: Study on the Being & Essence of Satan and on the Occult, on LibraryThing. Works by Johannes Nefastos. Fosforos.

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Ixaxaar Publications have been around for a good length of time, and have a well-deserved reputation for producing beautiful editions which mirror the dark philosophies they espouse.

In perfect truth, there is beauty in darkness, and Fosforos epitomises the Ixaxaar philosophy to perfection; certainly, there is no finer recommendation I can make here. Yet, the outward appearance is a mere distraction — the real beauty lies within.


This is a necessarily complex book, yet at its heart there lies a simple truth. And this, when all is said and done, is what philosophy kohannes its broadest meaning seeks: Nefastos is an able wordsmith, but it is not the word itself which composes the meat of Fosforosbut the layered meanings hidden behind them.

With them, the magician encourages us to look and act beyond culturally-enforced assumptions about the nature of what we term as good or evilknocked into us from an early age by parents, teachers, and priests, and in turn the reader is being asked to strip away all that he or she has known heretofore, what they understand by the spiritual in the religious and social senses nomenclature defined as what is good and what is evil.


The core at the heart of this treatise is painfully self-evident, and many will have known consciously or subconsciously what the author sets out all their lives, and this is only confirmation.

He talks about the Oneness of All, which is an attribute of the Spirit: Therefore, for all intents and purposes, we are to understand that the idea foscoros Good and Evil exist as discrete and separate and identifiable entities is a lie.

A simple enough nefastoos, one might think. It is, yet there is far more subtlety and complexity to this philosophical framework than at first reading. In the material world, the duality represented by the two short four-letter words serve as nothing more than comparison, the one to be set against the opposite, as a means tosforos define acts and character. Nothing could better encapsulate this than by iterating what Nefastos himself says or, rather, infers: In plainer words, that both entities are not divisible beings but are two in one and indivisible, the qualities and essences of one being necessary to the other.

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Traditional modes of separateness, along the lines of social spiritual constructs like Christianity or Satanism, are both unnecessary and ultimately unhelpful. One is as bad as the other in their more extreme manifestations and, indeed, Nefastos goes foeforos far as to say that such a rigidly polar self-identification as being Christian or Satanist ie.

In order to overcome these metaphysical hurdles, one must be prepared to absorb the other into its world-view, not just as ideas, but as fundamental truths and verities.

That then, is a basic, if necessarily wordy, explanation of the system of thought underpinning the whole. Satan can be read as darkness and ignorance, yet one must never forget that his fisforos name, Lucifer, means Lightbringera means of shining a bright beam upon the filth of ignorance.


Death, in its broadest and most meaningful sense, is nothing more than change from one state to another: The above exegesis should fosfoross the strength of Fosforos as a coherent system of occult thought — the complexity of spiritual existence and its attainment explained and understood in its ultimate simplicity.

More than anything, it clears the mind of the burdensome fog of misunderstanding, deliberately fostered by those individuals and institutions who feel threatened perhaps by the idea that their truths and philosophies are but castles built upon sand. Moreover, the lines of communication must be direct and without filters, without the stultifying roadblocks of materialistic dualities getting in the way of full understanding. Only then can the student see clearly.

Fosforos by Johannes Nefastos

Fosforos is enfastos necessary tool in the quest, as signpost and road-map, as well as a timely corrector of insidious assumptions designed to hinder progress. It will repay careful and lengthy study — one must not just read the words but delve between the lines as well, teasing out the layers and meanings.

To some, it may appear immediately self-evident: But then, no one has ever averred that the journey was going to be easy. Ixaxaar PublicationsFinland File Under: Search anything and hit enter.