Like sudoku, there are many techniques in solving a kakuro puzzle. When the simple techniques don’t work, you will need to use a more complicated solving. Basic and advanced methods for solving Kakuro puzzles. This technique works especially well when intersecting a low-sum with a high-sum definition. An empty square that has all its neighbouring squares (either column or row) filled in can easily be solved. simply add together the corrsponding neighbouring .

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This technique works especially well when intersecting a low-sum with a high-sum definition.

How to Solve Kakuro: 6 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Each square lies in the intersection of a row and a column, so we can name it uniquely by giving both the row and column names. The values in the linking squares can be easily filled in by the rule of divide and conquer.

Now look at which of these six numbers can go into the square Fj. The seven squares in this piece cannot be decomposed into simpler puzzles. Now we use a simple fact: Having an unique way of writing the sum helps, but keep in mind that all permutations are valid and you still need to figure out which actual permutation to use on the board.

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In this cell we would get one value if we fill according to the row, and another if we fill according to the column. Click here to download the free Kakuro combination tool k Note: It communicates with other parts of the puzzle only through a single row or column.

Solve Kakuro puzzles

Step 10 The in-four block in row 4 has two empty squares that sum up to 6. Step 3 We are now left with two empty squares in column c which must sum up to 3.

Some self-contained blocks could be large and irregular in shape. Cross reference Find 2 intersecting runs and compare the clue number combinations for each. These are called self-contained blocks. The other three squares are child’s play. After one set of linking squares have been filled in, other squares may become linking squares.

If we choose 6 for square b5 then square a5 would also have to be 6 leaving 8 as the only possible candidate for square b5. We now come across a kaakuro situation which occurs in the right hand side of the puzzle. This is a seconf example of elimination using circumstantial evidence. There are two possible combinations: If solvign swapped the top and bottom rows in the examples, the numbers would still add to the same clues, but would yield a different solution to the puzzle.

If a row or column must contain a certain digit, look for where in that row or column it could go. To summarize the rules: Also, is there a way to access the answers?


Simplify using unique partitions Some clues have an unique partition. The left-most clue in row c involves breaking 7 into 3 parts. Let A be the matrix that maps the variables x into the clues c: Help answer questions Learn more. Because 6 is relatively low it will force low digits in the sum representation, and 29 will force high digits in order to attain these sums using the given number of cells.

Also, we know that 9 cannot appear in Id, since it appears again in the solution of the column clue.

If you play puzzles using Kakuro Masterit will automatically show you the correct combinations whenever you place your mouse over a clue square. Some websites advertise Kakuro puzzles which are broken and inferior, don’t accept second best, Kakuro.

The full list of unique partitions upto length five are so important to Kakuro that a case may be made to hold them in one’s mind always. This is one of the ambiguities which are resolved when gluing the puzzle back together.