Comparing Files And Interpreting The Information In The Input Windows. El manual de KDiff3. Joachim Eibl. Traductor. This manual page documents briefly the kdiff3 tool. This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program does not have a.

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Kdifv3 can specify the “Auto-Advance delay” in milli seconds between 0 and This is because Subversion requires an explicit confirmation that a file no longer has conflicts using the resolved command as shown in the following example:.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Email Required, but never shown.

Lines “5” and “6” follow suit and you are left with what you see here. When word-wrap is enabled then this vertical line appears dotted for wrapped lines. Paste and Drop Input. Upon termination, the file is saved and the tool terminated.

But what if we want it to kdift3 up lines starting with the letter “A” instead? At the top of each text window is its “info line”. Much navigation will be done with the scroll bars and the mouse but you can also navigate with the keys. Repeat this for the second and if available third diff view. The file is modified and left for you to solve this merge. The first line that can be aligned across all 3 sources is the “4” line. The “A” on the first two sources are aligned on the same line.


To add manual diff alignment in KDiff3: Subversion has tried to merge the changes that produced version B with your changes but it was not possible. Manual alignments are done on 2 sources at a time. You can join several sections in one step too.

Advanced merging – manual alignment with KDIFF3

If you enable this, then, when one source is selected, KDiff3 will jump to and select the next unsolved conflict automatically. Of course some of the previously kfiff3 lines in between might not match anymore. Do this with a manual alignment. When you selected another file via browsing or finished editing the filename here by pressing enter, the new file will be loaded and compared with the already loaded file s.

KDiff3 will immediately recalculate the differences everytime you do this.

Manual Diff Alignment in KDiff3 – Stack Overflow

Sign up using Facebook. There also is a button “Automatically go to next unsolved conflict after source selection” Auto-Advance. For these situations you can manually instruct KDiff3 to align certain lines.


There will be no indication that the click took place. When only two input windows are used, then all differences appear red here because every difference is also a conflict. On rare occasions, KDiff3 will match common lines in the first place where you wanted to match in the second place.

Tired of many clicks?

kdiff3(1) – Linux man page

Community Home Blogs Media. You can toggle between insert and overwrite mode with ksiff3 insert key. You will lose all of your merges. A left-mouse-button-click into any summary column will synchronise all windows to show the beginning of the same group of lines as explained in section “Setting The Current Group And Synchronising Merge And Diff View Position”.

In the merge output editor you can also use the other keys for editing.

An orange bar will appear in the summary column next to the chosen text. Note that for KDiff3 a “conflict” that was not automatically solved at the start of the merge stays a “conflict” even if it is solved.