Kobelco KNW Series air compressor brochures and product information. The heavy-duty air end design has proven itself consistently since Oil-free rotary screw Kobelco KNW air compressors are used in a variety of.

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Highly Efficient Cooling System. Compressor Control and Monitoring. A filter change notice is indicated on the HMI. The compressor components are arranged in a single modular design, forming a surprisingly compact unit that is then mounted on vibration isolators to a structural steel base no special foundation required.

Oil-free air is required for pneumatic cylinders, blowing and spray guns. For more information please seriez www.

Kobelco KNW Series Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Simply stated, our KNW Series delivers percent oil-free air for all critical, specialized applications. The programmable microprocessor controller is a state-of-the-art design that maximizes operating efficiency and versatility. Oil-free air is required for process air okbelco prevent product contamination.

Also included is an SD memory card. About Rogers Machinery Company SinceRogers has provided industry with superior quality air compressors, vacuum systems, blowers, pumps, parts, and accessories. Required settings for pressure control, temperature alarms, and control time delays are viewable and may be modified using the touch screen.


Fixed Speed or VFD. The Serues terminal shows operating conditions, pressures and temperatures. Both provide the ability to download data loggers, alarm history, compressor status report, and the daily report from the HMI. Oil Filter with Differential Indicator. Oil-free air provides a sterile manufacturing environment and prevents product rejection of circuit boards, wafers, memory chips, LCD and others.

SinceRogers has provided industry with superior quality air compressors, vacuum systems, blowers, pumps, parts, and accessories. Other finishes are available for extreme environments. The stainless steel, non wearing air and oil seals with dual vents to atmosphere, assure oil-free air.

Air Filter Element with pre-filter.

Air is inside of the tubes and water is in the shell. Copper tubes with serjes turbulators. VFD control becomes less energy efficient compared to fixed speed when operated at the upper end of speed range. Thrust balance pistons on each stage provide maximum air end life.

These files can then be opened using Microsoft Excel. In order to reduce axial thrust, an air pressure-operated thrust balance piston is incorporated at each stage, minimizing thrust loading and further improving bearing life.

Oil-free air required for painting, air tools, transport systems and component testing. Shells are made of carbon or optional stainless steel with an ASME stamp. The Kobelco KNW Series can be custom built to kobelcl specifications and is also available as a standard design package.


Kobelco KNW Series – Rogers Machinery

The valve is a positive-closing disc type with orifices, using spring and air pressure to activate. Pressure and temperature trends are also on the HMI. To ensure long operating life and smooth operation, the bearings are anti-friction type, and the electric motor is directly coupled to the input drive shaft by way of a flexible coupling. This Super Rotor design koelco why the Kobelco KNW Series is widely accepted as the most efficient two-stage, oil-free rotary screw air compressor on the market — not to mention that this novel new asymmetric rotor profile has the lowest power consumption per cubic foot of compressed air.

The Kobelco KNW Series’ compressor air end is a heavy-duty, two-stage design in which both stages are driven by a common gear.