Read a free sample or buy L’universo elegante by Brian Greene. Tutto quanto di meraviglioso avviene nell’universo è il risultato delle. L’autore dei bestseller L’universo elegante e La trama del cosmo affronta in questo libro la domanda delle domande: il nostro è l’unico. : L’universo elegante () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Brian Greene (San Casciano Val di Pesa, FI, Italy).

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It is worth a second read through for more complete understanding, but enhances my imagination and my love for physics and cosmology.

The Elegant Universe – Wikipedia

Readers who have not discovered Greene should no waste one minute more! In questo libro, Brian Greene ci narra la storia di una k avventura, parlandone da protagonista e trasmettendoci tutto l’entusiasmo della scoperta scientifica. The book has interesting tales about the leaders of the field such as Ed Witten who is strongly favored as the true successor of Albert Einstein.

To ask other readers questions about L’universo eleganteplease sign up. This book felt way out of my league. As almost all the other reviewers claim, the initial parts on Newtonian, Relativistic and Quantum science are so ujiverso and novelly explained that they should be made mandatory in any study books on the topic. By finding a fundamental link between the two, Einstein realized that he could univetso his understanding of motion as a powerful tool toward gaining a similar understanding of gravity.

For like-charged particles, the photon carries the message “move apart,” while for oppositely charged particles it carries the message “come together.

The approach continues as the author jumps to explaining a far more complex super-string theory. People with previous knowledge about math and physics would probably find this easier or even entertaining, instead of taxing, to read. Probably the best book on quantum physics that has ever been written. People with previous knowledge about math and physics would probably find this easier or even entertaining, instead of tax This book has very high entropy, inundated with heavy information compiled compactly into a book of elegant language not pretentious like Sense and Sensibilitythough the analogies do help a lot.


I have a pretty good understanding of fundamental physics but Brian Greene does an excellent job explaining string theory concepts even for those with greebe a fundamental understanding.

Gravity, according to Einstein, is the warping of space and time.

L’universo elegante: Superstringhe, dimensioni nascoste e la ricerca della teoria ultima

For anyone interested in cosmology, an absolute must read – ideally multiple times over a few years. For any chosen temperature, the total energy in the oven is infinite. View More by This Author. This does not remotely lessen the utility or interesting style of the book as I strongly believe that there does not exist – at least so far – any simpler greeen.

The meta-lesson of both relativity and quantum mechanics is that when we deeply probe the fundamental workings of the universe we may come upon aspects that are vastly different from our expectations. L’Universo matematico Max Tegmark. Instead, like the disparate experiences of univedso pogo-stick enthusiast on the earth and on the moon, the differences in observations reflect environmental details—the observers are in relative motion—even though their observations are governed by identical laws.

Well, that’s great in theory, but so what? I have started the three part mini-series on PBS, if you are a beginner and interested in String Theory, and I highly recommend it thus far.

I re-read it after watching ‘Genius: Preview — L’universo elegante by Brian Greene. In this sense, gravity enforces the symmetry: This is an illustration of what we mean by warped time: Several examples are also taken into account to profoundly explain some of the subtle concepts in this book.


No trivia or quizzes yet.

Brian Greene’s enthusiasm is contagious though. The Fabric of the Cosmos.

L’universo elegante

Greene’s lucid analogies, infectious enthusiasm and crisp prose make the dizzying worlds of multiple dimensions both human and appropriately alien.

No one can change the changeless. Time is warped if its rate of passage differs from one location to another. Like the car traveling at an angle, this sharing epegante motion implies that the object will travel more slowly through time than its stationary counterparts, since some of its motion is now being used to move through space. Each such observer is justified in considering himself or herself to be at rest. It is known as supersymmetry.

Greene discusses the essential problem facing modern physics: If you have a lingering interest in physics in the back of your mind that you have never actually indulged Many popular science writers tend to oversimplif Regardless of whether the string theory will ever be useful or not, this book remains useful.

Trivia About The Elegant Unive The negative probabilities arose from a mismatch between what the theory required and what reality seemed to impose: I believe that time is not far enough when our physicist can finally prove whether The String Theory is really an Ultimate Theory of Universe or not.

Through its principle of relativity, the special theory of relativity declares a democracy of observational vantage points: It is three hours long and I am getting a better overview greeje understanding elegants.

I did enjoy the book enough to give it a 5-star rating because I do believe it was amazing.