Le Ménagier de Paris a été imprimé aux frais et par les soins de la Société des Bibliophiles françois. Il en a été tiré vingt-quatre exemplaires sur grand papier. The Good Wife’s Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris). ‘You said that you would not fail to improve yourself according to my teaching and correction, and you would do. Le Menagier de Paris. After these matters it is desirable to tell you of various general terms relating to cookery of any quality, and then you will be shown how to.

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Le Menagier de Paris: A Parisian Bourgeoisie Household in 1400

This is an enormous chapter containing pages of recipes, menus, and general cookery and household instructions and about 50 pages worth of editorial notes! There are also several recipes for ink, glue, etc. This menagoer is completely in French, but there is an English translation by Janet Hinson posted here.


And the French National Library has a digitized facsimile of Pichon’s transcription. We are posting the chapters as quickly as we can, and would appreciate your comments.

Should pagis notice any transcription errors, please bring them to our attention so that we may correct them. Part 2 – Disner a jour de char Part 3 – XXI.

Autre disner de poisson pages more menus and shopping lists. Part 5 – Le Quint Article pages cooking terms and start of the recipes.

Part 6 – Potages Communs sans espices et non lians pages Recipes for pottages, ls, and instructions for choosing good cheese.

Part 7 – Autres potages qui sont a espices et non lians pages More pottages. Part 8 – Autres potages lians de char pages Meat pottages and broths. Part 9 – Autres potages lians sans chair.

Le Menagier de Paris (c)Janet Hinson, translator

Part 10 – Rost de char. Part 12 – Poisson d’Eaue Doulce pp. Part 13 – Poisson de mer ront. Part 14 – Oeufs de divers appareils. Part 15 – Entremes, fritures et dorures pp. Thanks to Greg Lindahl for hosting this document.