Liber Loagaeth is a grimoire of John Dee and Edward Kelley’s Enochian magic. It consists of 48 pages (or leaves), each of which contains a 49×49 grid, partially. Enochian magic is a system of ceremonial magic based on the evocation and commanding of The Liber Logaeth (Book of the Speech of God)(aka The Book of Enoch aka Liber Mysteriorum, Sextus et Sanctus -The Sixth (and Sacred/Holy) . al azif – the cipher manuscript known as ‘necronomicon’ ye book of ye arab, abdul alhazred, at damascus of ye old ones and. their spawn the old ones were.

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Writings of John Dee

Thus you are become the skirts of Justice and Truth. The sides of the square are the four great watch-towers Plates IV.

The Golden Dawn also invented the game of Enochian chessso that aspects of the Enochian Tablets can be used for divination. Our Lord and Master is the All-One! Yolacame periazodi arecoazodiore, od quasabe qotinuji! H the Root of the Powers of Water.

Liber Mysteriorum, Sextus et Sanctus

Zodameranu obelisonugi resat-el aaf nor-mo-lapi! The Knock 1 Come away, and not your Vials: To right of lower point “6”.

These angels are most mighty and benevolent. Soba miame tarianu ta lolacis Abaivoninu od azodiajiere riore. The tablet is shaded as follows: Ooa moanu cahisa avini logaetj caosajinu: Add and diminish until the stars be numbered.

When Case wrote the lessons for the magical order he founded, the Liver of the Adytum or B. Bajilenu pii tianuta a babalanuda, od faoregita teloca uo uime. And the Eagle spake and cried aloud: The angels told them not to work Enochian, and there are libed diary records of works being done except for one healing talisman that they were instructed by the angels to make. Unveil the mysteries of your Creation; be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same your God, the true worshipper of the Highest.


Enochian magic forms the backbone of both the Crowley and Golden Dawn systems of magic. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

Writings of John Dee (1527-1608)

Amema cahisa sobra madarida zod cahisa! The Angle of Water of Earth, in the tablet ofEarth. Casaremanu hoel-qo, od ti ta zod cahisa soba coremefa i ga. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject’s importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance.

Please note the following: Dee’s journals contained the Enochian scriptand the tables of correspondences that accompany it. Each Watchtower is further divided into four sub-quadrants sometimes referred to as ‘sub-angles’ where we find the names of various Archangels and Angels who govern the quarters of the world.

O ye Heavens, arise! The File of Spirit in the Tablet of Spirit. Magicians see the correct pronunciation of the Enochian letters, words, and calls to be integral to magical success in utilizing the Enochian system – the letters must be memorized and their pronunciations learned. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. THESE first 18 calls are in reality 19; that is, 19 in the Celestial Orders; but with us the first table hath no call, and can have no call, seeing that it is of the Godhead.


There is also a “black cross” or “central tablet” according to the arrangement shewn compare the black cross bordering the tablets in Plate III. The sign of the mourning of Isis! This is the way in which the names are drawn from the great Tablets.

To distinguish these replacements from intended uses of the simple numbers and slashes, etc. Dee and Kelley’s surviving manuscripts later came into the possession of Elias Ashmole, who preserved them, and made fair copies of some, along with annotations. Fraternity of the Hidden Light, 55, There is an inverted Isosceles triangle inside the square, base common with upper side of square and apex touching midpoint of lower side.

The angle of Air of Air. The following Enochian characters were reversed in the original: These devices oogaeth been represented by the numbers 1 through 7 in the approximation above. His Life and Works. Note that the cross lines dividing the bands are not perpendicular as in this representation, but radial in alignment from the center of the figure.

Thus, then, with us hath it the ,ogaeth of 0, though with them that of 1. The letters around the rim are Enochian letters, facing outward in the illustration, including the corner letters facing toward the outer point of each corner.

Spirit Active, and pronounce: