23 set. Projeciologia (Latim: projectio, projeção; grego: logos, tratado) – Ciência que estuda as Waldo Vieira falando do General Augusto Heleno. Entrevista com Waldo Vieira – Anos 90 – Explicando Projeciologia das experiências da consciência fora do corpo humano – Waldo Vieira – Google Livros.

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Semilucid projection SLP — The oneiric experience in which the projected intraphysical consciousness finds itself to be partially lucid, in a disordered manner.

Extraphysical agenda — A written list of high-priority extraphysical, consciential targets — beings, places or ideas — that the projected projector seeks to gradually reach, in a chronological manner, establishing intelligent plans for its own development.

Existential completism — The condition wherein the existential program of the human consciousness is complete. The belly-brain, gut brain, abdominal brain, abdominal pseudo -brain, or abdominal sub-brain, is the gray eminence of the natural, encephalic brain coronochakra and frontochakra ; an indefensible obstacle to conscious self-evolution.

Daydream — The fanciful story created by the imagination during the ordinary, physical waking state of the human consciousness.

Intrusive stigma — An evolutionary failure or derailing that is always projecioligia and generally pathological, generally stemming from consciential self-obcaecation.

Retrieved 25 January Phenomenon concomitant with LP — That which occurs either inside or outside of the time-space continuumbut does so simultaneously with the experience of the lucid projection, in a spontaneous and unexpected manner. Self-conscientiality — The quality of the level of self-knowledge on the part of the consciousness; megaknowledge. Conscientiogram — The technical plan for measuring the evolutionary level of the consciousness; the consciential megatest having Homo sapiens serenissimus as a model — serenissimus being responsible for a positive egokarmic account.

The lab is constructed elevated above the ground, enveloped by the tree branches. Projectiography — The technical study of projectiological registers. Precognitarium — The viekra base which is technically prepared for the production of precognitive lucid projections. Existential moratoriumist — One who receives an existential moratorium; moratoriumist.


Consciential monoendowment — Intraphysical life under the pressure of constant intrusion by ill beings. Intrusiveness — Ill, interconsciential thosenic intrusion.

Energosoma – The energetic parabody of the human consciousness.

Instituto Internacional de Projeciologia e Conscienciologia

Consciential era — That era in which average intraphysical consciousnesses find themselves sufficiently evolved, through the impacts, redefinitions and revolutions created through their experiences of lucid projectability, implanting self-conscientiality first and foremost. Discoincidence — The state of non-alignment of the vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness holosoma.

Personal principles — The projecio,ogia of guiding values and initiatives of consciential life which are chosen by the consciousness based upon holomaturity, multidimensionality and applied cosmoethics. Locked existence — Human experience or lifetime without the production of lucid projections; tropospheric human life with only unconscious, vegetative projections that are characteristic of the state of evolutionary paracoma; locked lifetime. Group of existential inverters — The intraphysical meeting and personal experience of existential inverters with the aim of attaining the experience of planned existential inversions.

Incomplete couple — The couple composed of a man and a woman who do not form an intimate couple a couple that practices the complete sex actbut who, nevertheless, maintain strong affectionate ties. Consciential amentia — The condition of the consciousness which is incapable of thinking with reasonable mental balance. Conscientiotherapy — The subdiscipline that studies the treatment, relief or remission of disturbances of the consciousness, executed through the resources and techniques derived from conscientiology.

Group of existential recyclers — The intraphysical meeting and personal experience of vieiraa recyclers with the aim of attaining the experience of planned existential recyclings. Energetic dimension — The energetic dimension of consciousnesses; the holochakral dimension; the energosomatic dimension; the three-and-a-half dimension.

Waldo Vieira – Wikipedia

Parawoman — The extraphysical consciousness having the appearance of a woman or a projected female intraphysical consciousness. Intraconsciential recycling — Intraphysical, existential, intra consciential recycling or the cerebral renovation of the intraphysical consciousness through the creation of new synapses or interneuronal connections.


It is therefore the execution of a healthy extension to an existential mandate that has been concluded. Extraphysical liveo Relative to that which is outside, or beyond, the intra physical or human state; the consciential state less physical than the soma.

Blind guide — The amoral or inexperienced consciousness which helps another consciousness — in an anticosmoethical manner, according to its momentary egotistic interests — to the detriment of others.

Instituto Internacional de Projeciologia e Conscienciologia – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

The accumulation of morphothosenes composes the holothosene. Evolutiologist — The consciousness which assists in the intelligent coordination of the existential program, or the consciential evolution awldo one or more consciousnesses of the same karmic group. Most used expressions to refer to this condition: Existential maxiprogram — The maximal existential program having a wholesale approachor targeting the execution of tasks of applied universalism and maxifraternity with polykarmic bases.

Extraphysical consciousness — The paracitizen of an extraphysical society; a consciousness which no longer has a soma. Seriality — The quality of the consciousness subjected to existential seriation rebirth cycle.

Thosene characteristic to crowds and religious events. Consciential laboratory — Building with harmonious planning of its intraphysical, bioenergetic and extraphysical characteristics, designed to optimize comfort and conditions that may facilitate parapsychic experiences.

Interdimensionality — Interaction, interrelation or interconsciential communication between intraphysical and extraphysical dimensions.

This specialized arrangement creates a multidimensional chamber, providing opportunity for deep self-research.