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The symbol notifies you that what you see. You can customize this toolbar for each document type and another toolbar for sketches, so it can have different content for sketches, parts, assemblies, and prticaa. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The layout sketch is a very useful tool for laying out a mechanism in an assembly or even details on parts within the assembly. You can add multiple locations if you need to do that.

You can also select it on the Evaluate tab of the CommandManager or from a custom location by choosing ToolsCustomizeCommandsTools ;rtica dragging Assembly Visualization to the toolbar of your choice. If you save an assembly template that contains a default turntable animation, then you can put other assemblies right into the turntable template and you’ve got an instant display animation.

SolidWorks 2011 Assemblies Bible

Local assembly sketches can use these functions, and the parts can use them when edited in the context of the assembly, but they cannot cross any document barriers links must remain within a single document.

Customization includes turning the Heads-Up View toolbar on or off and adding or removing buttons. Using Specialized or Advanced Techniques Specialized functionality, such as sheet metal and plastics, requires detailed information. Using the Magnifying Glass You can invoke the Magnifying Glass by pressing the G key, and dismiss it when you select something or when you press Esc.

You can do walk-throughs using an interface to direct an avatar, or you can drive the camera along a sketched path. If you use the Novice interface, you can only choose the default templates. The familiar icons for reference geometry entities are also used in the assembly tree. So having a SolidWorks assembly where each part is modeled independently doesn’t reflect real-world design intent very well, nor does it really use the advantages of parametrics and associativity that are touted so much in SolidWorks.


This means that it may have different tabs when you are in each of these document types, and you can set each type to have the features and functions that you need.

There is a lot for you, the reader, to know, and for me to write about.

This is the equivalent of being able to put an edrawing file into an assembly. Teora new assembly features have been added to SolidWorks that don’t necessarily fit the secondary operations description, such as the ability to make fillets and chamfers as assembly features.

Displays only non-tangent edges. These icons point out and describe techniques and settings that are either recommended or not recommended for specific reasons.

Summary Visualization is a key function of the SolidWorks software. Cross-Reference Assembly configurations and design tables are discussed in Chapter 8. Multi-body modeling has advantages over in-context modeling in that it reduces external references although saving bodies out as parts creates an external referencebut it also has some drawbacks.

You can place components into the subassembly by dragging and dropping them from the main assembly, or you can open the assembly in its ;remium window and insert parts by using the usual methods, such as drag and drop, or the InsertComponent tool.

Out-of-date lightweight parts exist when changes have been made to the original part, but it hasn’t been reloaded yet into the assembly.

You need to save the mask file solidwors the same directory as the decal. Their main limitation is in the form of data management and reuse. The MMB or scroll wheel has several uses in view manipulation: The relationship between the parts does not have any memory, so if you started the in-context relationships before the parent part was complete, and then put fillets over the edges that you had referenced, your in-context references would fail. You need to evaluate how much editing and rework you think you will generate when changes that you haven’t necessarily planned on have to be made.

solidworks office professional

On the interface, the transparency icon is ghosted somewhat. Creating Assembly Drawings Chapter Images are saved in files as rectangular-shaped data. Manipulating the View Whether you are working in parts or assemblies, manipulating the view is one of the most important and frequent things that you will do in SolidWorks.

  1351-2 FORM PDF

In a nutshell, a master model is a single part where you place sketches, reference geometry, surfaces, and maybe some solids, and then insert that part into other parts to use a reference to build each individual part. Terminology An important concept referred to frequently in SolidWorks is design intent. For example, assembly features can be cut extrudes, cut revolves, or hole features.

In fact, as you will see in this chapter, the established techniques tend to be less efficient, and especially less robust, than some alternative methods when you start making changes to your assemblies. The SolidWorks developers set up the interface based on the assumption that you are going to make multiple mates every time you use the Mate PropertyManager.

SolidWorks Assemblies Bible – PDF

The distinction between the technique and the formal assembly feature is pttica to be confusing. It also includes redirecting the assembly to the new part name, as well as renaming the assembly using each of these techniques.

The difficulty arises from the underlying methods built into the software. Caution You may have unexpected results if a single dimension is controlled from more than one location. Frequently in this book, I have suggested enhancement requests that the reader may want to make.

The material in this chapter is written as if the Layout feature does not exist, mainly to give you a straightforward view of how the technique works without worrying about two different functions at the same time. If you are trying to drive product development with a single top-level assembly, you might run into situations where the premjum functions of the solidwlrks start conflicting with one another. About the Prfmium Matt Lombard is an independent engineering consultant specializing in plastic parts and complex shapes.

It does many of the same things that the part FeatureManager does, but because it manages parts rather than features, you can expect some differences.