Regnum Romanum) – okres w dziejach starożytnego Rzymu trwający według tradycji od . Według Liwiusza Romulus został pierwszym królem Rzymu. Tytus Liwiusz “Dzieje od założenia miasta Rzymu”. 1 like. Book. TYTUS LIWIUSZ. DZIEJE RZYMU OD ZAŁOŻENIA MIASTA. Seria: Biblioteka Przekładów z Literatury Antycznej,. Ksiegi VI-X. Nakładegz. WYDAWNICTWO.

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Essays in Honour of Isaiah Berlin, red. They appeared in Rome in the 4th century, in BC.

Mucius Scaevola przed Porsenną

The expres- sion triumviri mensarii deserves attention since the word triumvirii may suggest an official character of actions undertaken by them, while mensarii indicates the scope of their duties. Petrucci, Dirirtto commerciale romano. III, Madridp. A Life, London. Debt of those citizens who could provide a good security were covered from public resources by quinqueviri mensarii.

Publi- lius et T. Qui rem difficillimam tractatu et plerumque parti utrique, semper certe alteri gravem cum alia moderatione tum impendio magis dziejw quam iactura sustinuerunt. Sempronius ad Beneventum manu emiserat arcessitosque se ab triumviris mensariis esse dixerunt ut pretia servorum acciperent; ceterum non antequam bello confecto accepturos esse. However, it is only a hypothesis, considering the fragmentary character of the source.

Klutura antycznego Rzymu by Jurek Noskowiak on Prezi

Mielczarek with the term trapedzitas described a banker checking coins, making exchanges, giving loans or accepting rzy,u deposit. Probably it also accepted money from the citizens on irregular deposit which was used to support scarce financial resources of the state.


Materna tibi farinast ex crudissimo Ariciae pistrino: The first regulation within the sphere of the maximum value of the collected rate was established by the Twelve Tables Law,22 which did not however prevent the practice which consisted of adding the interest unpaid in due time to the amount of the basic liwkusz.

Cum in hac difficultate rerum consilium haereret ac prope torpor quidam occupasset hominum mentes, tum Laevinus consul: Two Concepts of Liberty, [w: Hunc consensum senatus equester ordo est secutus, equestris ordinis plebs. Frank, Storia economica di Roma trad. It does not result form the context Liv. The Elements of Politics, London It was probalby a plebiscte binding all citizens according to lex Hortensia of BC.

The Political Philosophy of the Bristish Idealists: Proceedings in ParliamentNew Haven Manlio consulibus de unciario fenore a M. Whereas mensarii were respectable state officials, and comparing them to despicable professions or calling them disdainfully money-changers or usurers, does not harmonise with the dignity of their distinction.

They had to do it with reserves, so as not to risk misappropriation of public funds with which they 14 The plebiscite de quinqueviris mensariis creandis is called in the literature a debt relief act-compare A. This results, from the description provided by Livy, that seizure of property and forced sale were conducted after a reliable evaluation of officials.


Consent, Freedom and Political Obligation, Oxford Stor- chi Marino, Quinqueviri mensarii: In and BC the triumviri mensariis registered amounts due in favour of the state and what is more, they made payments instead of bursars. The Politics of Freedom and Obligation, London However, unlike the preceding five-man commission they were not appointed once, in this case we can speak about a certain type of office which operated at least until BC.

Inclinatis semel in concordiam animis novi consules fene- brem quoque rem, quae distinere una animos videbatur, levare adgressi solutionem alieni aeris in publicam curam verterunt quinqueviris creatis quos mensarios ab dispensatione pecuniae appellarunt. Manlius praetor voverat, dedicaverunt; et tres pontifices creati, Q. This commission probably had vast power.

Visions of Politics, vol.