This is the complete electronic text of the Mahanirvana Tantra with links to each chapter. Tantra. I am telling Thee the truth, O Devi! Lay it to the heart and ponder over it. There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, the most. The mahanirvana Tantra is in the form of dialog between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati where the Mahadeva Himself explains the theory and practice of .

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Thus, O Blessed One! If in this Age the pashu-bhava cannot exist, how can there be divya-bhava? Maganirvana written on birch-bark and encased in a golden ball, it be worn round the neck or on the right arm, its wearer attains all kinds of powers May the Supreme Soul protect the head.

Hindu Scriptures and Important Texts

Earth is associated with the sense of smellwaterwith tastefirewith sightairwith touchand etherwith sound. These parts, which are ten in number — viz. In the celebrated yonimudra the yogi in siddhasana stops with his fingers the earseyesnostrils, and mouth.

The ghataor kalasa jaris then placed into which the Devi is to be invoked. The Devi has forms in the brahmanda.

Mahanirvana Tantra

This is done by a stick dandadhauti or cloth vasodhauti pushed into the throator swallowed, or by vomiting vamanadhauti. He, the Eternal and Omnipresent, is hidden and pervades all things. Thou art the Original of all the manifestations; Thou art the birthplace of even Us; Thou knowest the whole world, yet none know Thee O Thou of pure Smiles!

It is, as it were, the wearing of jewels on different parts of the body. The japa is useless unless done a specified number of times — of which is esteemed to be excellent. Akasha himself is here dressed in white, and mounted on a white elephant. The Tantras speak of three temperamentsdispositions, characters bhavaor classes of men — namely, the pashu-bhava animalvira-bhava heroicand divya-bhava deva -like or divine. The Devi is Herself Guru of all Shastras and woman, as, indeed, all females who are Her embodiments are, in a peculiar senseHer earthly representatives.


Truth is the appearance of the Supreme Brahman; Truth is the most excellent of all Tapas; every act is rooted in Truth. In this achara there is also worship of the Vama Devi.

Offering the japa to the Devata, let him make obeisance in the way of which I have spoken Then the Mantra should be assigned to the head, mouth, heart, anus, the tanhra feet, and all the parts of the body Blog by Nagarajan Venkataraman. Nyasa as well as Asana are necessary for the production of the desired state of mind and of chitta-shuddhi its purification. To the Mother is thus offered the restless life of Her universe.

For such initiation the merciful mood of the Guru is alone necessary Medical science of to-day seeks to reach the same results, but uses for this purpose the physical methods of modern Western sciencesuited to an age of materiality ; whereas in the sangskara the super-physical psychicor occultor metaphysical and subjective methods of ancient Eastern science are employed. This delights Siva and he spoke unto Parvati how everything in the universe owes its origins and mqhanirvana to the Supreme Prakrti and Supreme Brahman in motion with each other Avalon 5.

At this stage the sadhaka is Shaktaand qualified for the worship of the threefold shakti of BrahmaVishnuMaheshvara.

Siva presents the funeral rites and mantras to Parvati, explaining the period of uncleanliness dependent on the caste system. At the commencement of all rites, let him say, “Tat Sat”; and before eating or drinking aught let him say, “I dedicate this to Brahman” Mudadhauti is done to cleanse the exit of the apanavayu either with the middle finger and water or the stalk of a turmeric plant.

The pithain their ordinary senseare Kama-rupa and the other places, a mahxnirvana of which is given in the Yogini-hridaya.

Others call it by other names, such as Hari-hara-sthana. That best of worshippers, the Kula-Sadhaka, should then sip a little water and say: Thus, whilst the vaidik rule prohibits the use of wine in ordinary mahainrvanaand for purpose of mere sensual gratification it prescribes the religious yajna with wine. Lay it to the heart and ponder over it. The worship of Shakti without these five elements is but the practice of evil magic.


Commonly, however, the term vija is applied to monosyllabic mantra.

Mahanirvana Tantra (Tantra of the Great Liberation) PDF ( Pages)

Ida is on the left side, and, coiling round sushumnahas its exit in the left nostril. When introduced by the Bija of Sarasvati, Maya, or Kamala, instead of the Mantra Om, it bestows various kinds of learning, siddhi, and prosperity in every quarter The touch of inferior castes may pollute the water of Ganga and the Shaligrama, but nothing which tantea been consecrated to the Brahman 80 can be so polluted.

In Mahainrvanahowever, the sadhaka commences to directly destroy pravrittiand with the help of the Guru whose help throughout is in this necessary to cultivate nivritti.

He is thereafter qualified for purna-dikshabhishekaand, following that, maha-purna-diksha-bhishekasometimes called viraja-grahanabhisheka. This is the essential principle and rational basis of all this and similar Tantrik sadhana. No untimely death there was, nor famine mmahanirvana sickness. If it were, the sadhaka might choose his own language without recourse to the eternal and determined sounds of Shastra. When the mantrashakti is awakened by sadhana the Presiding Devata appears, and when perfect mantra-siddhi is acquired, mahanirvanaa Devatawho is sachchidanandais revealed.

I came across a complete manuscript some two years ago in the possession of a Nepalese Pandit. They are all declared to be equally appropriate in the worship of the Devata 2. The translation published is that of the first part only. But the Tantra recognizes the force mahanifvana karmmaand moulds its method to the temperament produced by it.